Asbury offers a Milestones program that celebrates six significant events in the life of a child and helps instill faith that lasts a lifetime.

From special events celebrating your children's accomplishments to parenting seminars and resources to help you navigate their life transitions, Milestones is a free program in which you and your family can participate at any time.

Interested in Connecting with Fellow Moms and Dads? 

On August 19, three life groups begin. Each class has a facilitator but there is no curriculum or end date. The purpose is to engage with others and build relationships while growing in your faith. Together, you'll discuss one question: How was your life with God this week?


Dads Life Group

Pater familias. Also known as: dad. You're the provider, protector, supporter, teacher, and friend. You wear a lot of hats and have a lot on your mind at all times. When do you relax? When do you take time to fellowship with other dads? When do you come to God in prayer? Refresh and recharge with fellow dads while your kids are worshiping and learning about God upstairs--safely cared for!

Join Doug Johnson in Room 137. Questions? Email Doug.

single moms life group.jpg

Single Moms Life Group

Work. School. Sports. Practices. Homework. Dinner. The work and extracurricular activities never seem to stop. As a single mom, you barely have time to think--let alone deepen your relationship with God.

For 90 minutes on Sunday evening (while your children are deepening their own spiritual development), enjoy fellowship with other single moms and reflect on ways you can see God through the chaos.

Join Carrie Sanders in Room 138. Questions? Email Carrie.

married moms life group.jpeg

Married Moms Life Group

You're the glue that holds the family together. Hard worker by day and homework helper by night. Pepper in being a supportive partner, house cleaner and calendar keeper, and you've only scratched the surface of your daily reality. 

Spend time with fellow moms who understand your daily challenges and take time to grow your relationship with God at the same time. 

Join Krisann Johnson in Room 126. Questions? Email Krisann.

Parenting Resource of the Month:  

Proverbs is a book of wisdom written to the young people of a nation. It's full of references to family, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. There are 31 chapters in Proverbs, and with 28-31 days in the month, this is the perfect month-long study. Include these lessons in your child's lunch box, on the mirror in the bathroom, or have a dinner time devotional/discussion--whatever fits your family's lifestyle!

Print these Parental Proverbs!